China News Service, April 23. According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 23rd, the US Space Exploration Technology Company (SpaceX) manned "Dragon" spacecraft was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to the international space by the "Falcon 9" rocket. space station.

The picture shows a picture of an astronaut posted on social media by SpaceX.

Image source: Screenshot of SpaceX social media.

  According to US media reports, after a 23-hour flight, four astronauts from the United States, Japan and France are expected to arrive at the International Space Station early on Saturday.

SpaceX posted on social media a video of the manned "Dragon" spacecraft being launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida by the "Falcon 9" rocket.

  This manned mission is also the second commercial manned space launch mission conducted by SpaceX and NASA.