April 23, 2021 "I think everyone agrees on the need to bring all the high school kids back in attendance, we all agreed on this. There was a divergence on 60%. But the government's indication leaves a great deal of flexibility to reach 100 % in the times and in the ways that the territories will be able to recognize. We had not agreed on 60%, this margin of 60-70% had been defined in the Conference but the direction of travel has always been 100%. The Cdm has decided to foresee 70% but there is no difference on the idea that we must go to 100% ".

This was said by Patrizio Bianchi, Minister of Education, on Radio 24.

"The decree provides that where there are particular situations such as outbreaks, then there may be exceptions but the direction of travel is 100%", continued Bianchi. "A lot has been done, we would be ungrateful to the previous government for not noticing what has been done, they have been given by this and the previous government, to schools, many resources for light construction and sanitation. It seems clear to me what it is. has been done and is being done, all the managers are active in guaranteeing safety at school. We have dealt with issues such as the number in the classroom, which require interventions, and some other actions that we are developing. The issue of numbers is not only of today . Even on transport it would be ungrateful not to see what has been done: I do not agree with those who say that nothing has been done,even from the previous government. The money invested was monitored to the nearest thousandth. We have given 150 million for sanitization and interventions for health, including psychological ones, and expansion for the educational offer. Resources were also put in by the previous government, "Bianchi told Radio 24.

"In this year there have been many evolutions in the use of the" remote digital teaching tool "," teachers and children have made it an educational tool that will be integrated with presence and will allow presence to be even more important " . This was said by Patrizio Bianchi, Minister of Education, on Radio 24. "Children use digital tools much more every day than we do - he observed - but they must use them in a conscious and critical way: this is the point on which we will work and the schools ".