China News Agency, Beijing, April 23 (Reporter Chen Su) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Water Resources of China on the 23rd that the current drought in parts of southern China continues, and 990,000 rural residents have temporary drinking water difficulties. The Ministry of Water Resources has recently arranged drought prevention work. deploy.

  Last winter and this spring, parts of southern China continued to suffer from drought for a long time.

According to the Ministry of Water Resources, the current drought conditions in Yunnan and Guangdong are still serious. The drought-affected area of ​​arable land in Yunnan and the number of people with drinking water difficulties in rural areas have increased rapidly. Some cities and towns in eastern Guangdong have implemented time-limited, pressure-limiting water supply.

As of April 23, there were 6.72 million mu of arable land in the country due to drought, and 990,000 rural residents and 320,000 large livestock had temporary drinking water difficulties due to drought, mainly in Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Shanxi and other provinces.

  On the 22nd, the Ministry of Water Resources held a conference to analyze and judge the country’s rain, water, drought, and reservoir water storage conditions, and re-arrange and re-deploy the drought prevention work.

  The meeting emphasized that the drought lasted for a long time. It is necessary to fully realize the significant impact of severe drought on people's livelihood and fully implement various drought resistance measures.

Pay close attention to key areas such as Yunnan and Guangdong, and timely grasp the conditions of water storage in arid areas, droughts of crops, people's drinking water difficulties, and shortage of urban water supply, etc., strengthen water engineering scheduling, let limited water sources give full play to the benefits of drought, and ensure the safety of domestic water We will do everything possible to meet the water demand for spring irrigation and ensure food security.

At the same time, accelerate the construction of a comprehensive drought monitoring and early warning platform, and strive to improve the level of drought monitoring and early warning.

  At present, China has entered the flood season from south to north. The meeting proposed to strictly prevent the sudden turn of droughts and floods, carry out pre-flood inspections, speed up the repair of flood-damaged projects, organize flood prevention drills in time, revise and improve scheduling plans to ensure flood control safety.

  After the meeting, the Ministry of Water Resources once again sent a working group to Guangdong Province, where the drought is more severe, to further strengthen the guidance of drought fighting.