“We are more seeing a demonstration of the capabilities of the American lobby in Europe than really“ defending ”European interests,” Olenchenko explained.

He suggested that similar decisions can be expected in the future, for example, from Poland, Bulgaria or Romania.

“These are the countries that traditionally follow American guidelines and are inclined to participate in such large-scale anti-Russian campaigns,” the specialist added.

According to Vladimir Shapovalov, Slovakia in this situation supports not the Czech Republic, but the United States.

He stressed that this decision of the Slovak state is a consequence of likely demands from Washington.

“I would link this not with what is happening in Prague, but with what is happening in Moscow, namely, the expulsion of American diplomats from Moscow.

Slovakia is not independent in its actions ... As for Slovak-Russian relations, it is necessary to remind here that they are going through hard times ... Russia, ”the expert concluded. 

Earlier, Prime Minister of Slovakia Eduard Heger said that Bratislava was expelling three Russian diplomats in connection with the situation in the Czech Republic.