Ciudadanos openly offers itself to the moderate socialist voter after yesterday in the electoral debate Ángel Gabilondo changed his policy of pacts and offered an agreement to Pablo Iglesias to govern together in the Community of Madrid. "If Gabilondo heeled to the left there are a lot of disenchanted center-left voters who don't like Podemos who will obviously have to vote for me. They will have to vote for the moderate progressive center-left party that is Ciudadanos. What for? Vox does not come out, "said Edmundo Bal.

Interviewed in EL MUNDO by the newspaper's deputy director, Joaquín Manso, and the head of Opinion, Jorge Bustos, the Citizens' candidate for the Community of Madrid has been very resounding in explaining the usefulness of his party in these elections: "So that Vox does not condition the policies of the Community of Madrid".

"If it depends on me, Vox is not going to be in the Government of the Community of Madrid. Vox cannot condition the future of the people of Madrid," he stressed, emphasizing the force message of his campaign.

"I am not going to allow the life of Madrilenians to depend on a political party that can decide to put that unfortunate green poster that compares pensioners and menas in schools and universities. I am not going to allow classrooms to be indoctrinated to children or university students. I am not going to allow the environment to be managed by some people who deny climate change and who say that if the planet warms the better, because less heating we spend. I am not going to allow it to only be admitted a family model and that the single parent family or single mothers or LGTBI are ignored. I am not going to allow it and I could not allow it because I could not sleep, "explained the Citizens candidate.

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