Australia has announced that its state government will abandon the agreement it had with the Chinese side to cooperate with China's Belt and Road Initiative, which is against China's national interests.

The relationship between the two countries is chilling over the response to the new coronavirus, and the Chinese side is strongly opposed.

Australia's Foreign Minister Payne said on the night of the 21st that the government of Southeastern Victoria would revoke two agreements with the Chinese government in 2018 and 2019 to cooperate with China's Belt and Road initiative. Was issued.

In Australia, last year, the government examined agreements that domestic states and local governments had already signed with foreign governments, and if it was judged to be against the national interest, a law was enacted that can be abolished, and this law is applied this time I have done it.

Regarding the reason for the abandonment, Foreign Minister Payne explained, "We have determined that it is inconsistent with Australia's foreign policy or has a negative impact on diplomatic relations."

Australia and China are not chilly relationship On correspondence of the new coronavirus, the Chinese Embassy in the capital Canberra for this time of the announcement "It's unfair and provocative movement to China by Australia. Further hurt relations between the two countries"

and I made a comment and strongly repelled.

Australia also said that the Victoria State Government would revoke science and education agreements with Syria and Iran, respectively, under the law.