Gießen (dpa / lhe) - Almost five years after the disappearance of a 39-year-old from Hanau, two men are now standing in front of the Gießen district court.

The public prosecutor's office accuses the 40 and 44-year-old defendants, whom Hanauer kidnapped in November 2016, killed with a gun in Hungen (Gießen district) and removed the body.

To date, this has not been found despite extensive investigations that led as far as Bavaria to Lake Starnberg.

However, the investigators assume the case of murder and extortionate kidnapping with fatal consequences.

The accused are said to have kidnapped their victim in order to extort ransom.

However, the claim should not have been made, or the money should not have been paid.

The investigation into the case had taken a turn last May when the 44-year-old reported to the police.

According to the prosecutor, he stated at the time that the missing person had been killed by an acquaintance - the 40-year-old.

The following investigations would then have resulted in an urgent suspicion against this man.


But the whistleblower was also targeted by the investigators through DNA examinations, questioning of witnesses and evaluations of various data carriers.

Both men have been in custody for several months.

According to a spokesman for the Giessen public prosecutor's office, the defendants made “extensive information” - and incriminated each other in the process.

One defendant is therefore a German, the other a German-Turkish citizen.

More than 70 witnesses and seven experts are to be questioned in the process before the Giessen regional court.

So far, the court has planned hearing dates until September.

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