China News Service, April 21. According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 21st, Mikhail Sheremet, a member of the Russian State Dumacrimia region, said that Western countries are trying to isolate Russia in many ways.

Data map: NATO army.

  Sheremet pointed out, "The events of the last month clearly exposed Western countries' attempts to contain Russia's development and not allow Russia to consolidate its position on the international stage. It was the United States that initiated the isolation of information, economy, politics, and diplomacy. Russia’s mechanism has thus triggered new sanctions, expelled Chinese diplomats, aggravated local conflicts, and vigorously undermined large-scale international projects such as'Beixi-2'."

  Sheremet said that the practice of Western countries to strengthen their military presence on the Russian border, squeeze the military and political situation, and export confrontation is particularly worrying.

Sheremet said, “The West is trying to put an iron curtain in front of Russia to shred all opportunities for dialogue and mutual trust.”

  In recent days, the "diplomatic war" between the United States, the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries and Russia has intensified.

At the same time, the situation in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine is also heating up. A large number of troops have been deployed near the Russian-Ukrainian border, which has triggered concerns about the escalation of the conflict.