On July 1, 2019, a revised curriculum came into force.

Then, for the first time, it was also written in the preschool curriculum that they should work with source criticism.

The signals to the National Agency for Education are that it may, among other things, depend on how the work with digital tools looked before and on the commitment of individual educators how far different preschools have come.

Bjurhovdasmycket's preschool in Västerås belongs to those who have come a long way.

"Can exchange experiences"

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate, which has supervisory responsibility for the municipal preschools, tells SVT Nyheter Västmanland that they have not done anything and are not planning any review of how the preschools work with source criticism.

- That the preschools are a little different in the process is completely okay.

Here, different preschools may also need to exchange experiences with each other, says Lena Lyckeståhl at the National Agency for Education.

Hear her in the clip.