The cuisine of Bilad al-Sham - and from it the Lebanese cuisine - is one of the richest kitchens with its various starters and Ramadan meals.

As a non-consuming Ramadan dining idea, Lebanese chef Hussein Abdel Sater offers some traditional and well-known foods, but with a special breath.

Chef Hussein is the presenter of cooking programs on a number of TVs, such as Orbit, The Future and the New, and he also presents a special segment on Radio Monte Carlo, and he graduated from the Hotel School in 2006 and participated in a number of international courses and exhibitions, and qualified to be an international judge.

A specialist in Western meals and a passion for Arabic flavor, he blended the two to create a special flavor.

For an unconventional Lebanese Ramadan dinner that blends eastern and western flavors, he suggests a milk drink with dates and cardamom, and an oatmeal soup, and it is considered that the Rocca salad with shinklish (a type of aged cheese) is a delicious option during Ramadan.

As for the main course, and since the season of green beans intersects this year with the month of Ramadan, he says that green beans with rice and meat add a wonderful taste to the table, and concludes with the tiramisu dessert with home cream, combining the famous Western sweets with the taste of Arab sweets.

What distinguishes these dishes is that they are easy to prepare.

Milk drink with dates with a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom (pixels)

Date syrup with milk

Ingredients and method:

20 pitted dates, soaked in three quarters of a liter of milk, beaten with an electric mixer, and a small pinch of ground cardamom or cinnamon is added to it.

Oat Soup with Chicken (Al Jazeera)

Oat soup

Ingredients: a

cup of water, chicken thighs, onions, a liter of chicken stock, 4 tablespoons of oat flakes, a quarter cup of celery, a tablespoon of tomato paste (tomatoes), a quarter tablespoon of mixed spices, a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon, a pinch of black pepper, salt according to Desire, a little olive oil.


Put olive oil in a "saucepan" (saucepan) on the stove, and fry onions, then celery, and add cinnamon, mixed spices and salt to it.

Add shredded chicken thighs, and you can replace them with chicken breasts, and fry well.

Add the oats and stir a little, then the chicken broth until it boils, and add the tomato paste, and a little lemon juice with black pepper.

Rocca (watercress) salad with shinklish (island)

Rocca salad with shinklish


2 rocca bouquets (rocca), washed and dried from water, half an onion, chopped wings (thin pieces), mixed directly with a spoonful of sumac, 10 cherry tomatoes cut the seed into two pieces, 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons Lemon juice and a pinch of salt.


Mix all the ingredients and place on top of it balls of goat cheese, goat labneh, or Shanklish (a type of cheese) with its various flavors.

Monk appetizer eggplant with creamy cheese and toast (Al Jazeera)

Monk eggplant with cheese

The ingredients: a

kilo of grilled eggplant, a quarter cup of cream cheese, 5 green mint leaves, two green onions, a tomato, a quarter of a bunch of green thyme, a quarter cup of chopped green olives, a pinch of salt, a loaf of fried bread, pomegranate seeds for decoration.

Preparation method:

Roast eggplant over the fire, peel and chop, mint leaves, finely chop green onions, chop tomatoes into cubes, and finely chop green thyme.

Add olives with a pinch of salt, then add the cream cheese.

Mix the ingredients until they are homogeneous and stick together, then put in a mold, and fry Arabic bread and put on top and decorate with pomegranate seeds.

Beans with rice and meat


3 cups green beans, 3 cups Indian rice, 800 grams of chopped veal, 4.5 cups beef stock, 2 onions, 4 tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon sweet condiment, nuts for garnish.

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Peel the green beans, put olive oil in a pot over the fire, and finely chop the onions and fry.

Add veal, spices and salt, then add beans and stir until soft.

Then add the rice with the broth and leave it on low heat until it becomes soft and garnish with nuts.

Meat can also be substituted with chicken or seafood, and along with this dish can be served with yogurt or ayran.

Western tiramisu dessert with Arabic cream (Al-Jazeera)

Tiramisu dessert with cream


250 grams of biscuits, 1.5 cups of cream, a cup of liquid milk, a cup of cream cheese, two tablespoons of crushed pistachios, a cup of syrup, lemon blossom for decoration.

Home cream ingredients: a liter of milk, a third of a cup of Farha's flour or semolina, a third of a cup of starch, and a third of a cup of white flour.

Method: The

home cream is prepared by adding milk, chicken flour, starch and white flour, and mix the ingredients well on cold, then put on a low heat until the consistency of cream is formed.

At this time, dip the biscuit, and line the bottom of the pan.

Mix the prepared cream with the cream cheese and a little drizzle and place it over the biscuit.

Place the syrup on the top, and decorate the dish with pistachios and lemon blossom, giving it the character of oriental sweets.