Foreign Minister Eui-yong Eui-yong said that "we are discussing very seriously" with the US side of the'Korea-US vaccine swap' to secure the Corona 19 vaccine.

Minister Chung said in a questionnaire on urgent issues by the Foreign Affairs and Transportation Committee of the National Assembly today (20th), "Last week, when US President's Climate Special Envoy John Kerry came to Korea, we intensively discussed this issue."

"Vaccine cooperation between Korea and the United States is multi-layered in a variety of relations," Jung added.

Regarding this, Congressman Jin Park asked the United States, Japan, Australia, and India, "is it possible to cooperate with vaccines without participating in the quad," a partnership formed by the United States, Japan, Australia, and India to check China.

Minister Chung replied, "I think cooperation in the vaccine field should be considered first in the alliance relationship," and "I don't think the conflict between the US and China or whether to participate in the quad is not directly related to the vaccine cooperation."

(Photo = Yonhap News)