Death of George Floyd in the United States: room for jury deliberations

Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin listens to District Attorney Jerry Blackwell on this courtroom sketch from April 19, 2021. via REUTERS - JANE ROSENBERG

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The jury for the trial of the police officer accused of the murder of George Floyd withdrew Monday April 19 to deliberate on the responsibility of Derek Chauvin in the death of the African-American forties, after a final day during which the prosecution and defense exposed their arguments.


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With our correspondent in San Francisco,

Éric de Salve

The prosecutor began his indictment with a number: 9 minutes 29 seconds, the time during which Derek Chauvin maintained his knee on the blow of George Floyd.

That's it, nothing else that killed him, hammers the accusation.

The African American died of asphyxiation, no overdose or heart failure as the defense claims.

The prosecutor recalls the analysis of a key witness: the Minneapolis police chief came to testify against Chauvin to say that the attitude of the former police officer was in no way in accordance with the procedures.

This is the trial of Derek Chauvin, not that of the police, says the prosecutor.

This case is simple,

” he concludes.

It wasn't policing, it was murder.


Deliberations that can last a very long time ... or not

Opposite, Derek Chauvin's lawyer pleads acquittal by contesting all the charges.

According to defense experts, Chauvin not only followed protocol, he was not directly responsible for Floyd's death.

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The final arguments completed, the jury retires to deliberate in a place kept secret.

Impossibility of communicating with the outside until the verdict is not decided.

These deliberations may last only a few minutes, such as a few days, or even several weeks.

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