China News Service, April 19. According to the website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in order to further increase the crackdown on illegal social organizations and give full play to the role of social supervision, the third batch of suspected illegal social organizations in 2021 is now announced. The public is invited to raise Be vigilant and avoid being deceived.

  If you find clues about the activities of the following organizations (such as venues, persons in charge, etc.), please log on to the "Complaints and Reports" section of the "China Social Organization Government Service Platform" ( to make a complaint.

  1. China International Feng Shui Association

  2. Chinese Reading Federation

  3. China Modern Hard Pen Calligraphy Research Association (the legally registered Chinese hard pen calligraphy

  Pen Calligraphy Association)

  4. China Association for the Promotion of Joint Development of Famous Brand Products

  5. China State Guest House Association

  6. China Interior Decoration Association (legally registered as China Interior Decoration


  7. China Teacher Development Research Association

  8. China Barrier Free Association

  9. China Association of Teaching Entrepreneurs

  10. Chinese Folk Martial Arts Association

  11. National Association for Insulation Materials Science and Technology Information