During the negotiations, further work on the removal of Russian children from the territory of the refugee camps, as well as the main difficulties and options for overcoming them, were discussed.

“An agreement has been reached to hand over 34 Russian children to us who are in the Al-Khol camp.

In addition, we agreed on purposeful work in the Rozh camp.

Our specialists found 12 Russian children there, ”Kuznetsova said.

DNA tests will also be taken from all children, presumably citizens of the Russian Federation.

“I hope that after going through the necessary procedures, drawing up the documents, in the near future we will be able to pick them up as well,” added the Ombudsman.

So, in the city of El-Kamyshly Kuznetsova, 34 children were transferred.

In the next few hours they will be returned to their homeland.

The Ombudsman clarified that Russian children, for whom documents have already been issued, still remain in the Damascus orphanage.

Departure for them is planned.

In March, it became known that since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, 145 children have been taken to Russia from Iraq and Syria.

Work on the return of underage Russians from prisons in Iraq has been completed.