A video clip and photos spread on social media, for a moment the players had breakfast in conjunction with the Moroccan call to prayer during the stoppage of the match between Ankara Kichyörengogo and Grysonspor in the Turkish Football League (the next division of the Turkish Premier League), on Tuesday.

The players on the field took advantage of the moment the match stopped to injure one of the players with the time of the sunset call to prayer, to eat breakfast quickly, and their meals contained water, dates and bananas.

🕌 GZT Giresunspor - Ankara Keçiörengücü maçında yaşanan sakatlık ile ezan saati denk gelince, oyuncular maç sırasında oruçlarını açtı.

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Kichioringogo players sat near each other next to the bench on the touchline until they broke their fast, and one of the videos showed that one of the opposing team's players approached, so that he could break his fast with them.

These footage met with wide interaction, as the video, which was published on the account of "ben Sports" sports channels on Twitter, achieved nearly 3 million views.

Players eat breakfast during a match in the Turkish League, taking advantage of moments when the match was interrupted due to an injury to one of the players, coinciding with the date of the sunset call to prayer on the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan pic.twitter.com/pn0Wjv5z8P

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Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Kasaboglu commented on the video, saying, "Natural and honest football, may God accept our fast."

Futbol, ​​doğallık ve samimiyettir.

Allah tuttuğumuz, tutacağımız oruçları kabul eylesin.


- Dr.

Mehmet Kasapoğlu (@kasapoglu) April 13, 2021

Osman Ashkin, a deputy for the Justice and Development Party in Rize, described the scene as "a beautiful painting that shows the strength of the Turkish youth's beliefs."

“Türk gençlerinin inanç ve imanlarının gücünü gösteren güzel bir tablo.

Tuttuğunuz oruçları ve ibadetlerinizi rabbim kabul eylesin.

Maşallah 🤲🤲🧿🧿 ”@TFF_Org https://t.co/XklMUjQ4qV

- Dr.

Osman Aşkın BAK🇹🇷 (@OA_Bak) April 13, 2021

Turkish political activist Mehmet Erdogan also commented, "Much has changed in Turkey during the Erdogan era, my Lord, thank you."

The match ended with a 2-1 victory for Grisonspor, and this team leads the competition with 63 points, compared to 49 points for Kichiorengogo in seventh place.

"Ankara Keji Oren" team players have breakfast while playing stops at the Moroccan call to prayer ... A

lot has changed in Turkey during the era of # Erdogan, may God bless you and thank you..pic.twitter.com/lxGKjPyvOF

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Away from Calcio # Snapshot of the

day Players in the Turkish Football League eat breakfast during the match, taking advantage of it for minutes,

O God, dearest Islam and Muslims ❤️🙏 pic.twitter.com/YfZXArqs6f

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