The board of Örebro University, of which the School of Restaurant and Hotel Management (RHS) is a part, has now made a so-called direction decision for how and where the business will be conducted in the future. 

The decision means that the training for culinary chef and sommelier is proposed to remain in Grythyttan, while the teaching for students studying the meal ecology program, which is now located in both Grythyttan and Örebro, will be conducted entirely in Örebro in the future.

- In practice, this does not mean a dramatic change, says Agneta Blom, who is leading a project aimed at developing the business at the School of Restaurant and Hotel Management.

Does this policy decision preclude all operations from being moved from Grythyttan?

- Yes, the decision means that the core business, culinary chef and sommelier, will remain in Grythyttan.

Stood between three options

Three different location alternatives have been presented in the documentation on which the University Board took a position.

An alternative was that all operations would be conducted in Grythyttan, a second to move the operations in their entirety to Örebro and a third to have certain operations in Grythyttan and some in Örebro.

- The Board has now requested an in-depth documentation of what is called alternative 2b.

That research and training for culinary chefs and sommelier will remain in Grythyttan and that we will place two programs in Örebro, says Lars Haikola, chairman of the university board.

The final decision will be made in June.