Munich (dpa) - The construction industry in Bavaria, which has so far largely unscathed by the corona pandemic, is expecting difficult times.

The reasons are fewer new orders as well as scarce and more expensive building materials, said the President of the Bavarian Building Guilds' association, Wolfgang Schubert-Raab, on Thursday.

In the coming months, those construction companies in particular expect a deterioration in the business situation that depend on orders from companies and the public sector.

According to a survey by the association, over 60 percent of Bavarian construction companies expect fewer municipal contracts in public building and road construction in the next six months.

Housing construction, on the other hand, continues to run well, as does renovations.

Apart from that, delivery problems are a problem for the construction companies.

The purchase prices have increased significantly in the last three months.

A whole range of building materials is in short supply: gypsum products, bitumen, plastics, wood and steel products.

Apparently there is also a shortage of tools and construction machinery.

The industry is currently "faced with delivery difficulties and extreme price increases for many building materials," said Schubert-Raab.


The construction companies are also suffering indirectly from the pandemic in other respects: According to a survey of the member companies, a third of the companies feel that they are being held back by a lack of permits from the authorities.

The companies suspect that this could be due to a lack of staff in the office and home office does not work well in administration.

Regardless of this, the construction industry assumes that the need for personnel will continue to rise.

"I am confident that the increase in employment in our companies will continue this year," said Schubert-Raab.

In 2009, 133,000 people were employed in the Bavarian construction industry, and by the end of this year the building guilds expect 175,000 employees.

The companies are also training more again.

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