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Monday afternoon, the police in Trasbourg received a phone call indicating the presence of a suspicious individual in the outbuildings of a building, in the center of the peaceful district of Neudorf.

A patrol therefore went on the spot and intercepted, at the address indicated, a minor not residing in the building and who could not explain his presence.

It was the residents who indicated traces of forcing on a door, in particular on the upright of an apartment located on the 1st floor.

Door whose eyecup had been blocked, police said.

The individual was finally arrested and taken into police custody.

The search of the building's outbuildings also revealed, just on the upper floor, tools that could be used for break-ins.

Other burglaries?

If the minor, aged 14, denied the facts during his police custody, he is suspected, by "overlap with regard to the modus operandi", of being the author of six other burglaries.

He was finally presented to the Strasbourg court on Wednesday morning.

Information is opened, in particular pending the results of the various technical and scientific police operations.

As a reminder, according to the law underlines the police, the theft is punished by seven years of imprisonment and a 100,000 euros fine when it is committed in a living room or in a place used or intended for the warehouse of funds, values, goods or materials, entering the premises by trickery, break-in or escalation.

The attempt is punished with the same penalties.


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