"The third station" Resonance-N "will be put on alert on Novaya Zemlya in May - June this year," he told TASS.

Two more stations - the fourth and the fifth - should be commissioned by the end of this year in the Arctic zone - in Gremikha and Zapolyarny, Shramchenko added.

At the same time, the station deployed in Zapolyarny, 30 km from the Russian-Norwegian border, "will provide round-the-clock control of the airspace over the northern territories of Norway and Finland."

As the agency specifies, the first and second stations of this type have been successfully operating for several years in the areas of Shoyna (Kanin Nos peninsula) and Indiga.

In February, it became known that Russia completed state tests of the Russian missile attack warning system.

It was also reported that Russian radar systems for missile attack warning systems were successfully tested on hypersonic targets.