A large number of Chinese fishing boats have been moored in the South China Sea near the Philippines since March, and the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on a Chinese ambassador and said, "Prolonged mooring will increase tensions in this area." , Revealed that he protested.

In the South China Sea, 300 kilometers west of Palawan Island in the western Philippines, about 220 Chinese fishing boats were confirmed to be moored early last month, and some of them are still there.

In response to this issue, the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it had protested by calling the Chinese ambassador to the Huangqing Ren, who is stationed there, on the 12th.

In this, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Buensuceso of the Philippines expressed his utmost dissatisfaction with Ambassador Huang, saying, "It is in the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines, and the prolonged berthing is a cause of increasing tension in this area. It means that he protested.

He also pointed out that "China's claim that it has jurisdiction over almost the entire South China Sea has been totally denied under international law by the judgment of an international arbitral tribunal."

So far, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has shown a willingness to shelve the South China Sea issue in search of huge financial support from China, and it is unusual to call the Chinese ambassador to protest.

In the Philippines earlier this month, ministers held a series of telephone talks with U.S. ministers, expressing concern about China's move in the South China Sea with the United States, and from the 12th, the regular joint military exercise with the United States was held for the first time in two years. It is showing signs of restraining China, such as resuming it in the Philippines.