Several hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the Reichstag in Berlin on Tuesday to protest against the measures to contain the corona pandemic.

According to the Berlin police, around 500 officials are deployed to monitor compliance with the corona protective measures.

In the filmed scenes you can see a man being put into a police car and calling for help.

Another marches towards the Reichstag with the loudly shouted demand that Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) be brought before a court martial - but after a few meters he is stopped by the police.

A woman is taken away because she is said to have urged other demonstrators to call 110 for no reason - that is an invitation to commit a crime, as an officer explains to her.

Elsewhere, demonstrators yell at the officials that they support “fascism” and will therefore be “shot” after being convicted by a court martial.

"The Allies" would also liberate the country.


There have also been protests against the federal government's corona policy in other German cities in recent days.

For example, an unannounced demonstration against the corona pandemic measures took place in Zittau, Saxony, for the sixth time.

As the police announced on Tuesday, around 500 people took part.

The measures of the Corona Protection Ordinance, such as keeping a distance, were mostly not complied with.

The police issued reprimands and, according to their own statements, made several advertisements.

The controls also resulted in several criminal offenses such as insulting officials and negligent bodily harm.

According to the Chemnitz Police Department, several hundred people took to the streets in Chemnitz, Freiberg and Zwönitz to demonstrate against the current Corona measures.

At least 19 protests were registered in the region, including unregistered gatherings.

According to the police, around 50 people came together without permission on the Chemnitz Neumarkt - many without a mask and a minimum distance.

More than 20 administrative offenses due to violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance were punished.

In Freiberg, around 80 officials were reportedly on duty to stop two unregistered elevators.

Around 150 people had gathered on the market square in Zwönitz.


In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, too, despite the increased number of corona infections, several hundred people demonstrated against the associated restrictions on Monday.

As police spokesman explained on Tuesday, there were protest walks and rallies in Ludwigslust, Wismar, Rostock, Teterow, Stralsund, Neubrandenburg, Greifswald, Benz on Usedom and in Waren on the Müritz, among others.

A total of almost 600 participants were counted, most of them in Rostock and Wismar.

The "return to freedom and fundamental rights" was demanded on banners.

Some participants also criticized the new compulsory PCR test for kindergarten children if they have mild cold symptoms and are therefore not allowed to go to kindergarten.

In Rostock up to 140 people had gathered on the Neuer Markt and there were two other places of protest.

The police only allowed a protest walk of a maximum of 50 people.

In the northeast, the incidence on Monday was 127.7 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, as the state health department announced.

In Rostock the value was above 100 for the first time.

Frankfurt am Main: “Lies press” sign at “lateral thinking” demonstration.

Overall, significantly fewer participants came to the event than expected

Source: dpa / Boris Roessler

On Sunday, several hundred supporters of the “lateral thinking” movement took to the streets in Frankfurt am Main - also to protest against the “synchronized” media.

The approximately 400 participants largely adhered to the distance and hygiene requirements, said a police spokesman.

According to the information, around 150 people demonstrated in front of the main building of the Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) against the march of the "lateral thinkers".

Registration for a rally on the outskirts with the motto “How much can you still be believed?

- Media criticism and cultural preservation ”, the organizer withdrew at short notice, according to the police spokesman.

The second meeting was announced by a new organizer.

The "lateral thinkers" had initially wanted to pull up in front of the radio house of the HR.

However, the public order office moved the meeting to Rebstockpark on the outskirts on Friday.

The authorities completely prohibited a planned demonstration in the city center.