The protagonist of Han's "Girlfriends in Government" sued detention center employees for sexual harassment, and the detention center responded that all relevant statements were untrue

  [Global Times reporter Zhang Jing] Park Geun-hye's girlfriend was sexually harassed?

According to Yonhap News Agency’s report on the 12th, former President Park Geun-hye, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison, and his cronie Choi Rui-won (formerly Choi Soon-sil) recently sued the director of the Cheongju Women’s Detention Center and the Director of Medical Services for sexual harassment, dereliction of duty, and abuse. Authority.

Data map: Park Geun-hye and her "girlfriends" sit in the dock together.

  According to reports, Cui Ruiyuan wrote a public letter to a South Korean media on the 10th, stating that he had been in prison several times and had been "traveled by human rights."

Cui claimed that he was asked to take off his pants for treatment because of back pain, and he was also injected with an "unidentified drug." The director of the detention center knew this and acquiesced.

She also said that during the diagnosis and treatment, she was verbally abused, and the pain worsened after the treatment.

In response, the detention center said that Cui Ruiyuan's relevant statements were all untrue.

The Korean Ministry of Justice, which is in charge of prisons, also stated that Cui Ruiyuan was treated with female prison guards. Since the painful part was inside the right thigh, he was asked to take off his pants for pain physiotherapy.

The Ministry of Justice emphasized that the Director of Medical Services had never injected Cui with unknown drugs, had not given him any psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, and had never insulted her.

The police stated that they had taken over the case from the Grand Prosecutor's Office and requested the detention center to provide relevant materials.

  It is reported that Cui Rui-won accused the prosecutors in 2019 that the employees of the Seoul Eastern Detention Center did not allow him to write to Park Geun-hye.