The Liberal Democratic Party has set up a new institution to consider the role and organization of the "Children's Office", which is responsible for the policy on children. I confirmed the policy aiming to reflect it in.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Suga received a proposal from a volunteer member of the Liberal Democratic Party to establish a "Children's Office" that would centrally carry out policies, and asked the Secretary-General Nikai to consider it within the party. I instructed you to proceed.

In response to this, the Liberal Democratic Party launched the "Children and Youth Shining Future Creation Headquarters" on the 13th and held its first meeting.

Mr. Nikai, who became the general manager, said, "From the perspective of children, I would like to review the measures again and deepen the discussion with the party. I am determined that the LDP is responsible for the future of all children. Have it and tackle this problem. "

After that, the attendees pointed out that "the discussion should not be like a tug of war between the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology" and that "it is also necessary to increase the budget related to children". ..

At the meeting, we will consider how to deal with a wide range of issues such as prevention of abuse and child poverty, and whether to unify the competent authorities of kindergartens, nursery schools, and certified children's institutes. We have confirmed that we will make recommendations to the government with the aim of reflecting this in the "Bold Policy".

To consider alternative plans by establishing the Constitutional Democratic Party "Children's Family Agency"

The Constitutional Democratic Party has always appealed for the need to integrate administrative agencies into one from the perspective of children, in response to the establishment of the "Children's Office," which the Liberal Democratic Party has begun to discuss. In order to establish the "Children's and Family Affairs Agency", we have decided to proceed with the examination of alternative plans.

The Constitutional Democratic Party held a party meeting, and Izumi, the chairman of the political affairs investigation, said, "We have long called for the need to consolidate government agencies from a child-related perspective. If the Liberal Democratic Party wants to do it, let's do it. "

The Constitutional Democratic Party has decided to set up a working team within the party to establish a "Children's and Family Affairs Agency" that promotes policies while staying close to the family, and will consider alternatives with a view to legislation.

The Constitutional Democratic Party wants to show the Liberal Democratic Party as soon as the proposal is finalized and call for discussions between the ruling and opposition parties.

Acting Secretary-General Noda of the Liberal Democratic Party "Expecting a good flow"

At a press conference, Acting Secretary-General Seiko Noda of the Liberal Democratic Party said, "The Liberal Democratic Party is a political party that listens to the voices of the people and promotes policies, but with regard to children, there was a slight lack of involvement compared to other countries. In the face of the big problem of conversion, it is epoch-making to be able to have discussions specific to children, and I hope that a good flow will be born for the country as well. "

Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Sato "Discuss in line with Prime Minister Suga's intentions"

At a press conference, Liberal Democratic Party chairman Sato said, "As a person who has experienced the local assembly, I often feel contradictions, such as having the same discussion twice in the division between the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. There was. I think the discussion started with the intention of Prime Minister Kan, "It's about time to change it," so we should proceed in line with that intention. "

Secretary-general Fukuyama "I want to start discussing how it differs from the government and the ruling party."

Fukuyama, the secretary-general of the Constitutional Democratic Party, told reporters, "We have been calling for the establishment of the'Ministry of Child and Family'since the former Democratic Party era 15 years ago, and we need a ministry that sheds light on children. I have to say that the LDP has just said that it is really late, but it can be evaluated that the discussion has started, and I would like to start discussions on how we and the government and the ruling party think differently. ".