A huge fire broke out on Monday in a historic factory building in St. Petersburg, Russia, raising black smoke in the air in St. Petersburg, AFP reported.

40 people were evacuated due to the fire.

Two firefighters have been hospitalized and one firefighter has not been contacted.

All the floors of the factory are on fire, Tass says. Photo: Olga Maltseva / AFP / Lehtikuva

According to the Russian news agency Tassi, a firefighter who has not been contacted would have been found dead.

According to the source, the two injured have extensive burns and are in hospital.

According to authorities, the fire broke out in the red-brick Nevskaya Manufaktura building, which was built in 1841 as a clothing factory.

Today, part of the factory has had a clothing factory, some parts have been leased as office space and part of the factory has been completely abandoned.

The announcement of the fire came at 12.35 local time.

Extinguishing work is hampered by strong winds and the fact that the fire spreads quickly.

According to a source in the cup, all four floors of the building are on fire and the roof and floors have collapsed.

Private works are involved in the extinguishing work, but the rapid spread of the fire and the strong wind make the work difficult. Photo: Olga Maltseva / AFP / Lehtikuva