It was found that 7 out of 10 Japanese citizens maintained a negative position on the holding of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games scheduled for July-September this year due to Corona 19.

According to the results of a poll conducted by Kyodo News on the 10th to 12th of this month on 1,15 voters nationwide, only 24.5% of respondents said that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games should be held this summer according to the schedule delayed by one year.

On the other hand, 39.2% said they had to cancel and 32.8% said they had to postpone.

In this survey, compared to the last March survey, the rate of support for the event increased by 1.3 percentage points.

However, 70% of all respondents argued for cancellation or reenactment, and it was confirmed that an overwhelming number of Japanese people opposed the hosting of the Olympics this summer because of concerns about the spread of Corona 19 even before the 100th day of the opening of the Olympics.

Regarding the torch relay that began on the 25th of last month, only 13.2% of respondents said,'We must continue to the end.

49.3% of the majority said that'in areas with severe infections should be stopped,' and 35.9% insisted on'overall suspension', and it was analyzed that the torch relay fever in Japan is not heating up.

About the recent spread of Corona 19, 92.6% said they feel anxious.

In addition, 60.3% of them were unhappy with the current vaccination progress, indicating that the majority of Japanese people believe that vaccination is progressing slowly.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)