Landau (AP) - After a rabbit was thrown into the dromedary enclosure of the Landau Zoo, the police have determined a suspect.

The police said on Saturday that the woman's identity could be determined through “extensive investigative work and media interest”.

The animal injured in the incident on Easter Sunday must therefore continue to receive medical care, "but is in the care of a veterinarian on the mend".

According to the first information from the police, witnesses observed two women in the zoo.

Accordingly, a transport basket was thrown over the fence into the enclosure.

Due to the impact after the several meters long flight, the animal suffered a bleeding wound on its tail.

The second woman may have just been there and had nothing to do with the crime, said a police spokesman.

The investigation continued.

The suspect initially did not comment on the allegations.

According to the police, a violation of the Animal Welfare Act threatens a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine.


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