Chinanews, April 10, according to the Greek "China Greek Times" report, on April 9, local time, the well-known reporter of the Greek Star TV station Giorgos Karaivaz (Giorgos Karaivaz) was in front of his home in Alimos, a southern suburb of Athens. Was shot.

  According to reports, the time of the incident was around 14:00 local time on the 9th, when Karaivaz just finished his work and returned home.

Witnesses said that the suspects were two men who were riding a motorcycle when committing the crime, one of whom was wearing a military uniform.

When Karaivaz got out of the car, they fired multiple shots at him, and at least six of them hit him.

  According to reports, about 17 to 20 cartridge cases were found at the scene.

The incident occurred during the day, but the surrounding residents did not hear the gunshots, so it was preliminarily determined that the killer might have used silencer equipment.

  It is unclear whether the attacker followed Karaivaz all the way home, or lay in ambush near his residence, waiting for an opportunity.

  The 53-year-old Karaivaz is a well-known Greek journalist who works in a column called "Finding the Truth with Zina" on Star TV in the country. He is also a webmaster.

  Currently, the police are collecting information provided by witnesses and will obtain video evidence from nearby security cameras to hunt down the murderer.

(Cai Ling)