The Brazilian Senate announced an investigation into the corona policies of President Jair Bolsonaro's Brazilian government on Thursday (local time).

A special investigation committee will be set up next week on the order of the Brazilian court.

Brazil saw the number of corona-related deaths rise again on Thursday to near-unprecedented heights.

In one day, 4,249 corona patients died.

That is the second largest number ever worldwide, only in the United States more deaths were reported in one day (4,405).

In Brazil, more than 345,000 inhabitants have so far died from the effects of the corona virus.

Many residents now blame Bolsonaro for the violent outbreak of the virus.

Brazil's healthcare system has been under pressure for months and even the best-stocked hospitals are now said to be short of essential medicines,


news agency reports


In addition, there is dissatisfaction with the slow start of the vaccination program.

Bolsonaro himself has indicated that he does not want a vaccine.

The Senate will now be given the task of the court of justice to scrutinize the president's policies.

Senate chairman Rodrigo Pacheco tried to stop that;

he believes it is too early and inappropriate to conduct policy research during the crisis.

That call had the support of a majority of senators, but not the court.

Bolsonaro downplays threat virus and opposes lockdowns

Among other things, the investigation committee will have to judge how Bolsonaro's campaigns against "unnecessary" distance and his call for no lockdowns influenced the course of the pandemic.

The constantly changing leadership - Brazil has four different health ministers since the start of the corona pandemic - is also being investigated.

Bolsonaro downplays the danger of the virus and the large number of deaths leaves him cold.

"In which country don't people die? Unfortunately, that happens everywhere," the president said on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the president also clashed with the court in court;

According to the judge, the bans at religious gatherings, criticized by Bolsonaro, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, are legal.