, Moscow, April 8 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) The Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov stated at a press conference in Moscow on the 7th that the Russian army close to the border between Russia and Ukraine is located in Russia and does not constitute any party. Threatened.

  In answering the question "How long will the Russian army be deployed near the Russian-Ukrainian border," Peskov emphasized that the army can wait until the Russian leadership and the highest command commander deem it reasonable.

  In addition, a reporter asked "whether the Russian army is stationed near the Russian-Ukrainian border for a long period of time or for a short period of time." Peskov said that he did not have relevant information.

  The situation in eastern Ukraine has recently become tense again. Uzbek government forces and civilian armed forces accused each other of opening fire and provocation.

At the same time, Ukraine said that Russia’s assembly of troops in the border area between Russia and Ukraine poses a serious threat to Ukraine’s national security.

In this regard, Peskov previously stated that the military forces of NATO countries and other forces are becoming more active in the border areas of Russia, which forces Russia to remain vigilant.

Russia is taking necessary measures to ensure its border security.