China News Service, April 8th. According to the Russian Satellite Network report, on the 7th local time, Russian President Putin and Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan held talks in Moscow.

During the talks, Putin stated that he would solve the problem of providing Armenia with the new crown vaccine without affecting Russian citizens.

The picture shows the Russian new crown vaccine.

  According to reports, Putin and Pashinyan held talks in the Kremlin on the 7th, which lasted about 3.5 hours.

During the meeting, Pashinyan stated that Armenia hopes to purchase the Russian new crown vaccine because the vaccine has been proven to be effective.

He said that Armenia will receive 15,000 doses of Russian vaccine on April 8, but he further stated: "We need more than one million doses."

  Putin responded: "I think we will solve this problem without harming Russian citizens and Russian consumers." "Our output is equivalent to domestic demand, but at the same time, output is growing. We will discuss it."

  According to reports, during the talks, the two also discussed issues related to the bilateral relations between the two countries and the post-war situation in the Naka region.

Putin also pointed out that the trade volume between Russia and Armenia, which has shrunk due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, will soon pick up.