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situation of the movement of the North Korean submarine ballistic missile test vessel is captured in satellite images, and analysis is being made to see if it is preparing for another missile launch test.

While avoiding direct reactions, the White House said it is ready to diplomacy anytime North Korea goes to denuclearization.

Correspondent Yunsoo Kim reports from Washington.

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is a satellite image of the Sinpo Shipyard in North Hamgyeongnam-do, released yesterday (7th) by 38 North, a North Korean media outlet.

A submarine-launched ballistic missile SLBM test barge was seen docked.

38 North, however, explained that the barge was not loaded with missile launchers.

It is likely that the SLBM launch test is not imminent, but it is analyzed that there is a possibility that a launch test is being prepared in the future.

Earlier, at the end of last month, the ship building facility was captured next to the submarine launch facility, and an analysis was made that the new ballistic missile submarine was in the final stage of completion.

The White House in the United States avoided immediate response, even though it knew North Korea's move.

However, it has been made clear that the denuclearization of North Korea is the focus of diplomacy with North Korea.

[Jen Saki/US White House Spokesman: If North Korea goes on the path of denuclearization, the United States is ready to engage in diplomacy in any form.]

As Biden Pyo's policy toward North Korea is imminent, the Biden administration is careful to comment on North Korea, and the Biden administration plans to disclose a new policy toward North Korea within this month, including principles and directions for negotiations with North Korea.