Until the Fed, the central bank of the United States, at a meeting held in March, attendees shared the view that the current rise in prices is "temporary" and that employment will definitely improve. It turns out that it has indicated a policy of continuing large-scale monetary easing.

According to the minutes of the meeting released on the 7th, some attendees said that "strong demand may push prices higher than expected" about the price increase that has become noticeable with the economic recovery. it was done.

However, it was shared that the recent rise in prices was "temporary," and confirmed the policy of continuing large-scale monetary policy until employment improved steadily.

At this meeting, the outlook for this year's economic growth rate was revised up significantly to + 6.5%, and it was predicted that inflation would reach 2.4%, which exceeds the target of 2%.

For this reason, there are concerns that the economy will overheat due to accelerated inflation, but for the time being, the Fed, which aims to stabilize prices and maximize employment, will give top priority to employment recovery, and it is true that prices will rise to a certain extent. It is a form that shows an attitude of accepting.