Los Angeles (AFP)

Gymnastics superstar Simone Biles of the United States said on Wednesday she could reconsider her decision to retire after the Tokyo Olympics in order to possibly compete in Paris in 2024 in a specialty.

"Right now, I'm mainly focused on Tokyo. After that, I have a tour that we did across the United States. I can't wait to do it. For the rest, I'm not sure. Cécile and Laurent (Landi, her French coaches, editor's note) are from Paris, so they kind of blackmailed me emotionally so that I would come back as a specialist. But my first objective is first of all the Olympics, then the tour, and then we'll see, "said the gymnast during the press conference for the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

The Texan said in 2019 that she would retire after the Tokyo Games.

At 24, Biles is considered by many observers to be the greatest gymnast in history: in 2019 she became the most medal-winning gymnast in history at the world level (men and women alike), and now totals 30 international medals, including 19 in gold.

She had flown over the only Olympics she had played, in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, with four gold medals and one bronze, and systematically outperforms the competition at all the World Championships she competes.

In Japan, she can aim for the Olympic coronation record for a gymnast.

He is owned by the Soviet Larissa Latynina, with nine gold medals in the years 1950-60.

Biles has four, and six will be on the line this summer.

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