China News Service, April 8th. According to the US Chinese website, US President Biden is expected to announce a series of administrative measures aimed at curbing gun violence on the 8th local time.

  On the 7th local time, White House spokesperson Psaki said at a press conference that Biden would take action on gun violence the next day, but she did not elaborate.

Data map: US President Biden.

  According to reports, the new operation will focus on tightening restrictions on "ghost guns."

  The US "Capitol Hill" reported that the US Department of Justice plans to issue a series of proposed rules aimed at limiting the proliferation of "ghost guns", encouraging states to pass corresponding laws, and strengthening rules on improved pistols.

  Ghost guns are also known as kit guns. Holders can purchase gun parts through legal channels and then complete the assembly at home by themselves.

These guns are so named because they cannot be traced.

  U.S. Democratic senators and advocacy groups have been urging Biden to resolve this issue through administrative action in recent weeks.

  In March, successive gun incidents occurred in Atlanta and Boulder, Colorado, which once again aroused the nationwide discussion on gun violence.

But Biden said at his first press conference at the end of March that he planned to prioritize infrastructure legislation and did not mention the gun control agenda, which disappointed supporters.

  According to reports, the US House of Representatives recently passed two bills aimed at expanding background checks on gun sales, but they did not involve the issue of ghost guns.

It is unclear whether Democrats have a way to pass these bills in the Senate. Due to the restrictions of the "procedural obstruction" rule, Democrats need at least 10 Republican colleagues to join to advance these two bills.

  However, the White House has previously stated that Biden is willing to use administrative means to make some changes.

  Anti-gun violence advocates told Congress in February that Biden could change the definition of guns through an executive order to solve the problem of ghost guns.

Gun control supporters also believe that Biden can change the definition of gun sellers or expand the scope of this definition through administrative orders, and give priority to funding community violence prevention projects.