Los Angeles (AFP)

Six-time Olympic champion and most successful in women's athletics history of the United States of America Allyson Felix said on Wednesday that she would play her final Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer, although she has yet to decide whether stop his career.

"I expect this to be my last Olympics," Felix, 35, told reporters during the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee press video conference.

“I don't know how much longer I'm going to run than this year. I'll just take it as it comes. I don't see myself doing any other Olympics, but I haven't determined a date. end, "she said.

In Japan, Felix will play his 5th Olympic Games.

In total, she has accumulated nine Olympic podiums, including six coronations.

She has also gleaned 13 world champion titles.

While most recent focus on the 400m, she said Wednesday that she plans to compete in the 400m and 200m at the US Olympic Trials in Eugene, Ore., In June.

"I'm just going to see how it goes in training. I would like to make both caps and see the result," said Felix.

"If I have to focus on one or the other, we'll make that decision."

Restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Los Angeles, where she resides, prevented Felix from training normally.

She said she was forced to improvise makeshift tracks, with her trainer Bobby Kersee, because they had been denied access to her training site.

"It was a constant challenge, we trained in the streets, we trained at the beach, we went everywhere," recalled the American.

"The craziest experience was training in my neighborhood. I had been out for a run in my neighborhood, but I had never sprinted in the streets."

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