The story of an 8-year-old American child who saved the life of his 20-month-old sister is drawing attention.

On the 1st of the local time, foreign media such as ABC in the United States introduced a special reason for 8-year-old Jackson from Lucerne County, Pennsylvania who was able to save his younger brother Leila.

Recently, the brother and sister's father, Dempsey, drove with the sibling and headed to the beauty salon.

On the way, I stopped by a fast food restaurant and bought chicken nuggets for children's snacks, and the brothers and sisters sitting in the back seat shared the chicken nuggets together.

But after a while, Jackson cried urgently, "Dad, please stop the car. Leila can't breathe."

The chicken nuggets get caught in the neck and are in a dangerous situation.

As the startled Mr. Demsey pulled over, Jackson leaned forward without hesitation and patted her back.

Soon, a small piece of chicken nuggets popped out of Leila's mouth.

After confirming that her daughter was safe, Demsey asked her son how he could deal with it immediately.





explained what to do when prayer was blocked on my favorite TV show,"

stunning Mr. Demsey once more.

Jackson's favorite program was'The Substitute', which aired on the children's channel Nickelodeon from 2019.

In the program, Jackson watched the scene in which American professional wrestler and actor John Cina taught various first aid measures, such as CPR, and it is known that he quickly took action when his brother was in crisis.

When the story became known, performer John Cina praised Jackson by sending a video letter in person.

β€œI was very impressed to hear that you saved my brother,” said John Cina. β€œIt takes a lot of courage to put what we know into action. Thank you for being the hero of all of us.”

Jackson explained the situation at the time, saying, "When my brother made a strange noise, his face turned purple. I noticed that he was in need of help."

Jackson's mother Christine confronted her son, saying, "It's not good to watch too much TV, but if it's an educational program, I've allowed it. I didn't know it would help in this way."

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(Photo ='Matt Dempsey','Kristen Durso' Facebook,'Nickelodeon UK' YouTube)