China News Service, Vienna, April 7th. On April 6, local time, the political director-general meeting of the Joint Commission on the Comprehensive Agreement on the Iranian Nuclear Issue was held in Vienna, Austria, to discuss the issue of the United States and Iran's resumption of compliance.

The meeting was chaired by Mora, Deputy Secretary-General of the European Union’s External Action Agency, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Araghchi, and corresponding officials from Russia, Britain, France, and Germany attended the meeting.

Ambassador Wang Qun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations in Vienna, attended the meeting.

  Wang Qun said that in order to solve current problems and reach a US-Iran resumption plan, we must first have a clear understanding of how the situation has developed to this day.

The former US government unilaterally withdrew from the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue and exerted extreme pressure on Iran, which is the root cause of the continued tension in the Iranian nuclear situation.

The early return of the United States to the comprehensive agreement is the key to cracking the current Iranian nuclear situation.

The justified request of the aggrieved party should be confirmed and satisfied first, not the aggressor. This involves a basic right from wrong.

As a basic principle, the United States should lift all illegal sanctions against Iran, and Iran will resume full compliance on this basis.

  Wang Qun emphasized that China supports the Joint Commission in launching two processes, one is the nuclear field and sanctions lifting working group process, and the other is the process of "close contact" with the United States.

The aforementioned process should ensure the effective participation of all parties and protect the legitimate rights and interests of all parties.

China hopes that the two working groups can make progress as soon as possible and submit the results of the discussions to the Joint Committee for approval.

  Wang Qun said that China firmly opposes all unlawful unilateral sanctions imposed by the U.S. and will firmly safeguard its own legitimate rights and interests, whether it is the U.S. unlawful sanctions against Iran or the "long-term" actions against third-party entities and individuals, including China. "Arm jurisdiction" should be lifted immediately.

  Wang Qun said that China will continue to unswervingly maintain the JCPOA, and hopes that through this joint committee meeting, all parties can increase their sense of urgency, seize current opportunities, and push the JCPOA back on track through fair and reasonable negotiations.

China will work with all parties to proceed from the overall and long-term perspective to continue to advance the political settlement process of the Iranian nuclear issue, and strive to restore the complete and effective implementation of the comprehensive agreement at an early date.

  During the meeting, the heads of delegations attending the meeting from China and Russia exchanged in-depth views on important topics of the meeting.

Wang Qun also met with Moura, Deputy Secretary-General of the European Union’s External Action Agency, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Araghchi, and U.S. President’s Special Envoy for Iran, Marley, and exchanged views on the issue of the United States and Iran’s resumption of compliance.