"Golf Emperor" Tiger Woods' car rollover accident occurred when he was unable to cope with the winding road while speeding, US police officials have concluded.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Office in the United States announced that the main reason for Woods' rollover accident was because Woods was speeding and unable to overcome the winding road.

In this regard, the police said, "It seems that Woods misunderstood the accelerator pedal for the brakes, and did not find any traces of stepping on the brakes."

The Genesis SUV GV80 car driven by Woods hit a tree at the time of the accident, floated into the air, rotated, and settled in a ditch, police explained.

Police also revealed that the vehicle driven by the universe was running at about 120 km/h when it hit the tree.

Earlier, Tiger Woods had a rollover accident in February while driving a vehicle on a downhill road in the Rolling Hills Estates area near Los Angeles.

Woods has severely injured his leg in the accident, has undergone several surgeries, and is now recovering from his home in Florida.