"Barakah" invades "Twitter" ... and citizens and residents express their pride: "Congratulations on this achievement for us."

Wasam, the first peaceful nuclear power plant in the Arab world, has swept # Barakah on the social networking site "Twitter", after the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation announced the start of the commercial operation of the plant.

Citizens and residents of the Emirates expressed their great pride and happiness in the successive achievements of the state, noting that "Barakah" is a national achievement whose benefits will return to the whole world.

Tweeters pointed out that these feelings of pride are caused by the successive achievements of the UAE, through which it preceded many countries until it became in the forefront in all fields. Barakah. "

Another said: "I feel very proud of my country # the Emirates, especially after the completion of the completion and the commercial operation of the Barakah nuclear power plant."

Mughrdoun described this achievement as a national and historical achievement, especially as it would be the beginning of a new era of environmentally friendly energy. One of them said: "A historic national achievement represented by the start of commercial operation of the first plant in Barakah, so that we start a new era of environmentally friendly energy for generations to come."

Another said: "The UAE inaugurates the first plant, # Barakah, for peaceful nuclear energy, for commercial operation ... a historic Arab achievement achieved by the UAE after launching the Hope probe to Mars."

For their part, tweeters emphasized that the UAE is a country that does not know the impossible, and that its achievements are continuous without stopping, noting that the completion of the Barakah station, especially in the first period of the year of fifty, is considered a great achievement. With our ambitious youth cadres in the fields of clean energy, development and sustainability, the UAE is a pioneer in pioneering development projects, and Barakah plant pushes us to achieve the country's strategies to promote renewable energy and preserve the environment. "

Tweeters congratulated the UAE and thanked its rulers and sheikhs for this achievement, and for their constant endeavor to achieve such great accomplishments. The success which is considered the first Arab achievement through the Arab nuclear power plants # Barakah_ for the homeland.

In a related context, tweeters circulated the text message through which the operator of Barakah stations congratulated community members on the commencement of the commercial operation of the first peaceful nuclear power plants in the Arab world, and attached it to the phrase: "The ambition of the UAE knows the impossible."

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation announced, earlier, the commercial operation of Baraka, the first peaceful nuclear power plant in the Arab world.

The commencement of the commercial operation of the first plant in Baraka comes after it passed a comprehensive set of tests and evaluations, which were carried out under the supervision of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, which conducted 312 inspections, in addition to more than 42 evaluation and review missions by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the International Association of Nuclear Operators.

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