This was reported on the website of the department.

The FAS said that in connection with the receipt of data on the rise in prices for chicken eggs and poultry meat, the department conducts unscheduled inspections of the largest manufacturers of these products, “including in terms of a possible unjustified price increase, abuse of a dominant position in the market or the presence of agreements prohibited by antimonopoly legislation or concerted actions of market participants ”. 

It is also reported that the FAS "will analyze the pricing and determine retail prices for chicken eggs from the largest retail chains." 

“In addition, in connection with the receipt by the FAS of Russia of information on the increase in prices for vegetables, cameral inspections of producers of fruit and vegetable products are being carried out for the justification of the increase in prices,” the message says.

Earlier, the Russian government decided to extend the term of the agreement on stabilizing prices for granulated sugar until June, and for sunflower oil until October.

Andrey Karpov, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Retail Market Experts, commented on the situation with prices in an interview with NSN.