Biden announces that the U.S. will open all adults' new crown pneumonia vaccination qualifications ahead of schedule

  On April 6, local time, U.S. President Biden delivered a speech on the national vaccination situation after visiting a new crown pneumonia vaccination site in Virginia.

Biden plans to relax the eligibility for new crown pneumonia vaccination in advance, requiring all states in the United States to fully open the new crown vaccination to adults 18 years and older by April 19, about two weeks earlier than the previously planned May 1.

Biden also emphasized that 150 million doses of vaccine have been injected in the 75 days after his administration began.

  According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly one-quarter of adults in the United States have completed vaccination, but the nationwide epidemic data has continued to increase in the past four weeks.

In this regard, Biden said that the United States still needs to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The mutant new crown virus is spreading in the United States, and most people still have not completed the vaccination.

Biden said that even people who have completed the vaccination need time to develop antibodies.

He called on all Americans not to relax their vigilance, maintain epidemic prevention measures, and actively vaccinate.

(CCTV reporter Xu Dezhi)