Dresden / Erfurt / Magdeburg (dpa) - The new week begins in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia with typical April weather.

The sky on Easter Monday is very cloudy, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced.

Rain showers and sometimes thunderstorms are possible during the day.

The reason is a cold front moving across the country from northern Scandinavia.

The temperatures should therefore be between 6 and 9 degrees.

In the low mountain ranges such as the Harz and Thuringian Forest, a few centimeters of fresh snow at heights of over 400 meters are expected.

The wind can blow at up to 80 kilometers per hour near the shower - on the Brocken it can be up to 115.

Individual snow showers are possible on Tuesday night.

The temperatures drop to minus 3 degrees, near the ground it can also be minus 6 degrees locally.

More snow and sleet showers must be expected throughout the day.

It shouldn't get warmer than 7 degrees.

According to the DWD, temperatures should stagnate up to and including Thursday and not reach 10 degrees.

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