Two decades ago,

María Galiana

began to win the affection of all viewers for her role as

grandmother Herminia

in the series

Cuéntame como pasa

, the longest running series in Spanish fiction.

By the way, being the grandmother of Spain feels terrible to her.

At 85 years old,

the actress is still fireproof because what she hates most in life is

being a housewife.

He likes to cook, but cleaning and putting in washing machines is another story.

The best money invested has been to pay someone to do all the cumbersome household chores and, above all, because

they do not want to depend on their children.

She has always defined herself as an



, loyal, with character, very generous, hard-working, with a devilish temper and not at all affectionate,

even with her children.

At 25 she married Rafael, also a teacher like her, whom she

widowed in 2008.

And at 33 she already had six children.

One of the most important people of her childhood was her


, who welcomed her into her home until she was 11 years old so that the penalties caused by the Civil War could get along a little better.

In the street she loved to

play hide-and-seek and ball,

so in full maturity she became addicted to soccer and is

a fan of Betis.

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He assures that fame does not matter to him,

vanity does not exist in his vocabulary, it

is the antidiva par excellence and he does not get along very well with awards.

She believes that there are vested interests, conspiracies to give them to specific people, to support friends ... It was frustrating for her to

win the Goya

because afterwards she has never played a leading role again, the opposite of what happens with other interpreters to whom admires and who are about his age, like

Maggie Smith or Judi Dench.

Her entry into the world of professional acting was quite late in the film


(1968) by

José Luis García Sánchez,

to whom she must be an actress, although as a little girl she was already pointing out ways because with 10 or 12 years she acted in school plays.

However, before taking the profession seriously,

she graduated in Philosophy and Letters

to teach history and art history in different institutes until

her retirement in 2000. She

remembers with amusement that when the previous year she won the Goya for best actress in cast by


his students told him: "And you go out in the cinema with that glamor?".

The Queen Sofia, during the presentation of the Award for Cinema and Social Values ​​that Galiana received in 2010. Antonio Heredia

The chemistry he has had with his students has been excellent.

He has considered them his friends, to such an extent that on occasion he was a goalkeeper in some football matches between teachers and students.

"Teaching has been my great vocation," he

assures without fuss.

The actress visits

El hormiguero 3.0


to promote the play

El abrazo

, in which she stars alongside Juan Meseguer and Jean Cruz.

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