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2020 Income Statement

campaign starts

and the complexity of every year is added on this occasion all the taxation of the


, the Minimum Vital Income and other aspects that we must take into account.

In this episode of

The Clear Accounts

we are going to address those aspects, the keys and above all the news that we must pay attention to so as not to get surprises. 

For this we have

Carlos Cruzado

, president of the




who, among other things, clarifies how people who have been in ERTE as a result of the pandemic should present their Declaration.

We ask him what happens if the worker has received an erroneous payment from the SEPE or if we have not yet returned the undue amount that we have received to the SEPE. 

We also clarify what things should take into account those people who receive the Minimum Living Income or the self-employed with benefits for cessation of activity, among other important issues of this year's campaign.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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  • Rent

  • Statement of income

  • economy

  • ERTE

  • Minimum vital income

Calendar Dates Income: What day does the Income Declaration start in 2021 and what is the deadline?

EconomyKeys of the Income declaration for those affected by an ERTE

Economy The Government has not yet regained control of the SEPE

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