[Explanation] Photos that hit the soul directly, testimonies with blood, and sad memories unforgettable... On the day of Ching Ming Festival in 2021, a film exhibition that races against time-"The Witness of Time" Nanjing Massacre Survivors' Art Portrait Photography Exhibition" was exhibited at the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders.

  [Explanation] At the exhibition site, the portraits of 86 Nanjing Massacre survivors taken by photographer Su Jia are neatly hung on the wall. The works are in black and white tone, and vivid portraits are used to tell history.

  [Concurrent] Visitor Huang Jie

  On the Ching Ming Festival, our family and children came to the memorial hall together, just to cherish the memory of the dead and pray for peace.

  [Commentary] According to the photographer Sujia, the images of survivors he shot have become the city memory of Nanjing, and this shooting experience has become his most precious memory.

  [Contemporary] Photographer's speed up

  I hope that through the power of art and emotion, more people will remember the Nanjing Massacre survivors and this history.

This is also our responsibility and obligation as Nanjing people.

  [Commentary] On the same day, survivors of the Nanjing Massacre Ge Daorong, Xia Shuqin, Shi Xiuying and other old people also came to the exhibition site.

  [Concurrent] Ge Daorong, a survivor of the Nanjing Massacre

  Every photo has every piece of history, and every photo has its story.

  [Concurrent] Shi Xiuying, a survivor of the Nanjing Massacre

  I have to come two or three times a year, and I will come, look at their (family) names,

  [Explanation] Although the witness of time is old, the memory should last forever.

According to Sujia, this group of portraits was taken from 2016 to exhibition. In the five years, 17 Nanjing Massacre survivors have passed away.

  [Contemporary] Photographer's speed up

  We are also rescuing this period of history, hoping that more people can care for these old people.

  [Explanation] For many years, the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by the Japanese Invaders continued to carry out the care and research work for the Nanjing Massacre survivors.

Through this exhibition, it is hoped that the public will not forget the national humiliation, remember the history, cherish the hard-won peace, and avoid the recurrence of historical tragedies.

  Reporter Ge Yong from Nanjing, Jiangsu

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]