An employee at a funeral home in Japan made a fatal mistake, destroying the bereaved family's compulsion.

On the 31st of last month local time, foreign media such as Kansai TV in Japan reported on an absurd incident that took place at a municipal funeral in Uji City, Kyoto.

A bereaved family heard shocking words during the cremation stage of burning the body during the funeral of an elderly mother in her 90s who died of old age in November 2020.

In the process of internal work, he accidentally damaged the remains of the deceased.

The employee in question


, "


misunderstood that the makeup work was over, and I vacuumed up all the ashes, and all that remains is a bit of bone


The bereaved family urgently began to grasp the situation in response to a confession like a confession, but literally, the mother's remains and ashes were in a state of being unable to distinguish.

Accordingly, the bereaved family recently held a press conference and requested 33 million yen for the funeral home and Uji city, and about 370 million won for damage compensation with our money.

At a press conference, bereaved family members expressed their painful feelings, saying, "Every time I see a picture of my mother, I am only sorry. It is not a matter of money, but I wish the ashes come back anyway."

It is known that the funeral home and Uji City are not presenting any position to the request of the bereaved families.

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(Photo ='Kansai TV' YouTube)