China News Service, April 3, According to Kyodo News on the 2nd, related sources said that the International Swimming Federation has informed that it intends to cancel the diving, synchronized swimming and open water swimming that were originally scheduled to be held in Japan from April to May. The final qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan’s Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee said that it intends to coordinate.

  In fact, there have been news reports that in view of the new crown epidemic in Japan and other considerations, FINA urgently announced on the 1st local time that the diving World Cup and Olympic qualifying tournament originally planned to be held in Tokyo, Japan from April 18 to 23 will be cancelled. .

Tokyo Olympic flame display.

  The FINA official website issued a short statement stating that it is studying how to reschedule the Olympic preliminaries. The specific decision will be announced next week.

  Hashimoto Seiko, chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said at the press conference that he had received FINA documents about diving, but “has not yet received detailed explanations and hopes to initiate consultations” and intends to coordinate.

  According to reports, the diving competition is a World Cup with the nature of an Olympic test event. It is scheduled to be held at the Tokyo Aquatic Center from April 18 to 23; the synchronized swimming event is also a test event and is scheduled to be held in the same venue from May 1 to 4. Held; the open water swimming event is scheduled to be held in Fukuoka City at the end of May.

The FINA disagrees with regard to the competition-related persons other than the athletes’ delegation who must be quarantined for 3 days after entering Japan and are required to bear the cost of the new crown measures.

  In addition to Japanese athletes, as of the end of March, about 600 athletes and officials from more than 40 countries and regions have signed up for diving events.

If the competition is cancelled, the original allocation of Olympic quotas for countries and regions based on each competition will become an unsolved case.

Although countermeasures such as referencing past results are expected, they cannot reflect recent strength and may also attract opposition from athletes.

  According to reports, if the international events of major sports events are cancelled one after another, it may lead to an increase in the uneasy opinions about hosting the Olympics under the new crown epidemic, and a blow to the preparations for the Olympics.