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  • EELV MEP Yannick Jadot on Monday launched an appeal to all ecology and left-wing leaders to quickly get together around a table to build a “great project of hope” for 2022.

  • The invitation was accepted in particular by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of La France insoumise, Olivier Faure, boss of the PS, and Benoît Hamon, of Générations.

  • At EELV, we suspect Yannick Jadot of wanting to step over the primary scheduled for September.

    Suspicions which, added to the recent controversies that have divided the left, complicate a possible dialogue to unite within a year.

On the left, it's a bit of a chestnut tree.

Calls to unite between different parties and movements are increasing, and are generally forgotten.

The hand extended by the ecologist Yannick Jadot to many figures of the Greens and the left, Monday at the microphone of France Inter, will she meet the same fate?

One year before the presidential election, this initiative has in any case aroused several reactions.

The invitation was accepted by Olivier Faure and Benoît Hamon, founder of Générations.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon said he was "ready to meet personally" the MEP for Europe ecology-The Greens.

Does Jadot make a Xavier Bertrand?

At EELV precisely, we find this annoying media “blow of light”.

“This initiative is not benevolent towards the party.

He took everyone by surprise, and seems to want to step over the primary "scheduled for September, judges a party executive.

Socialist Ségolène Royal, former PS presidential candidate, shares this analysis.

"Jadot wants to bypass EELV to escape the designation process," she said.

Does Yannick Jadot want to avoid an internal ballot against the mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle and the economist Sandrine Rousseau?

In response, its campaign coordinator, Mounir Satouri, draws a question: “Today, each left-wing party has its own calendar, and all the processes do not begin until the beginning of the school year, after the regional ones.

Is this compatible with necessary gathering?

It's up to the devices to answer them.


For the management of EELV, no question of burying the green primary, organized for each presidential election since 2001. “The primary will take place.

It's concrete, ”assures the spokesperson of the movement, Sandra Regol.

An executive even warns that this attempt to step over the internal ballot could cost Yannick Jadot dear: “Green activists do not like arm locks, we have a culture of not letting things be imposed.

"On the form, this same source judges that Yannick Jadot's call for union" shines the spotlight so much that it produces theater ".

A complicated context

Basically, none of Yannick Jadot's guests dared to question the principle of a dialogue, one year before the ballot, with a view to a rally.

“Party leaders have been discussing regularly, for about two years.

But the union on the left is a fight that we have rarely won ”, recognizes Sandra Regol.

"We are in a very complicated sequence, we can see that the shadow of the division could exclude us from the second round of the presidential election", pleads Mounir Satouri, in the Jadot camp.

The context is indeed not ideal, as emphasized by Alain Bergougnioux, historian and former socialist framework.

"There are a lot of subjects of disagreement, we see it with the question of the Republic, universalism, secularism ... This was expressed during the polemics on the Unef or the words of Pulvar" .

Attacks between leftist parties that could leave scars and block a rally for the presidential election.

Discussions can also be complicated by regional and departmental elections, for which each party has its strategy, rally lists, as in Hauts-de-France for example, remaining the exception.

"There is a narrow way to unite the left, but this horizon will not open before the end of June", after these polls, we believe in the management of EELV.

It is also necessary that these local elections be maintained on June 13 and 20.

The matter is currently in the hands of the government and Parliament.


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