China News Service, April 2 According to foreign media reports, on April 1, local time, the US "Floyd Case" trial entered the fourth day.

Two medical staff testified in court that when they arrived at the scene of the crime, Freud had no pulse and appeared to be breathing.

  Former white American policeman Xiao Wan was accused of kneeling on the neck of an African-American man Freud for more than 9 minutes during an arrest in May 2020, resulting in his death.

  Medical staff Smith testified that when the medical staff arrived at the scene, Freud had no response, no breathing, no pulse.

"In layman's terms, I thought he was dead."

  When Smith checked Freud's pulse and pupils, Xiao Wan was still kneeling on Freud.

Another medical worker, Bravender, said in court that they were going to lift Freud onto a stretcher. He motioned to Chauvan to lift his knees away from Freud so that they could approach the patient.

On March 29, local time, the US "Floyd case" was officially heard in Minneapolis, and the former Minneapolis police officer and white man Chau Wan, who was accused of killing the African-American man Freud, was charged. Appeared in court for trial.

The picture shows the family of the deceased and the lawyer outside the court.

  He added that on the way to the hospital, they tried to rescue Freud, but in the end the heart test showed that his heart had stopped beating.

  In addition, the content of the conversation between Xiao Wan and his superior police officer Pryrog on the day of the case was also broadcast in the court that day.

  Xiao Wan said on the phone: "We need to hold a person. He is going crazy."

  Prerogg testified that during the phone call, Xiao Wan did not mention that he had pressed his knees against Freud's neck and back.

Xiao Wan didn't tell him until he was in the hospital.

  Most of Plerog's testimony revolved around the appropriateness of the police's use of force.

He stated that a police officer can use force against a person in certain circumstances, but once the police officer controls the person, such force should stop.

  After checking the video on the body camera, Plerog said that Xiao Wan’s use of force should have ended sooner.

  In addition, Freud's girlfriend Rose also testified in court and told the story between her and Freud.