These technical cables include a video of the new rollable Samsung phone, a video of a Lexus car, Microsoft glasses for training soldiers to fight, and finally a Virgin Space Tourism plane.

Samsung tweakable phone

Leaked some websites that the Korean company Samsung has registered a patent for developing rollable screens, similar to its idea of ​​screens, announced by "LG" company during the "Consumer Products 2021" event (CES 2021).

Analysts believe that Samsung's development of this type of screen means that it will move to design entirely new generations of devices, which will combine the capabilities of laptops and smartphones at the same time, as the device will be in its normal position the size of an ordinary smartphone, after you open its screen, which will be wrapped inside the body It will turn into a small tablet.

Samsung Display will develop rollable and sliding screens in 2021.

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- Android Authority (@AndroidAuth) January 29, 2021

US Army and Microsoft sunglasses

Microsoft won a contract to supply the US military with HoloLens head glasses, worth $ 21.88 billion over 10 years, and the contract includes providing the Army with 120,000 glasses.

The glasses, connected to Azure Cloud Services, provide an environment enhanced with real-world data;

This enables information sharing and decision making in a variety of scenarios, and allows commanders to effectively share data and tactical goals with soldiers on the field as well as provide night vision capabilities.

The system takes advantage of augmented reality and machine learning;

To enable a life-like mixed reality training environment where close combat group can practice.

Virgin Galactic spaceship

Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company affiliated with businessman Richard Branson, has unveiled a new space plane dubbed VSS Imagine.

Designed to be reusable faster than SpaceShipTwo, VSS Imagen is the current pillar of the company's efforts to start its space tourism business in 2022.

Lexus is finally satisfied with the electric car

Toyota, through its luxury brand Lexus, introduced its concept of electric cars;

Through the model of the car "LF-Z", which foretells the charting of the company's path towards an electric future.

And though Lexus isn't very enthusiastic about electric cars;

So do not expect the LF-Z to reach the production stage without major changes, as it represents a set of technologies that Lexus wants to achieve by 2025, when every regular model the company produces will have another version electrically or hybrid.

The company said it would introduce 20 new cars by 2025, and only 10 of them would be fully electric, hybrid or hydrogen-powered.